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Our goal is to create a community in which residents can thrive.

The student and professional staff responsible for Residential Life at Berkeley work to build a supportive and inclusive community, implement social and educational programs, and provide resources for residents.

  • Glenn DeGuzman
    Glenn DeGuzman
    Director of Residential Life
  • Michael Tran-Taylor
    Interim Associate Director
  • Amber Ulmer
    Associate Director, Undergrad Residential Life
  • Jacquelynn Thomas
    Jacquelynn Thomas
    Assistant Director, Assessment & Academic Success
  • Dale Morrow
    Assistant Director, Residential Support & Community Standards
  • Vic Sánchez
    Assistant Director, University Village at Albany (UVA)
  • Tanya Koroyan
    Assistant Director, Blackwell Hall, Unit 3, and New Sequoia
  • Sammie Linton
    Sammie Linton
    Assistant Director, Residential Leadership & Engagement
  • Holli Weed
    Assistant Director, Unit 6
  • temp placement of a staff person
    Bridget Mearns Bucey
    Assistant Director, Unit 2
  • Virender Shergill
    Assistant Director, Unit 1
  • Aisha Younis
    Director of Community Engagement, University Village, Albany

  • Adam Fasbender
    Resident Director, Unit 1 (Deutsch & Slottman)
  • Luly Sbeta
    Residential Conduct Coordinator
  • Analee Scott
    Community Director, University Village, Albany
  • Bona Lee
    Resident Director, Enclave and Panoramic Berkeley
  • Claudia Hall
    Claudia Hall
    Community Director, University Village, Albany
  • Tanisha Muquit
    Basic Needs Coordinator at UVA
  • Edtivia Rutherford
    Resident Director, Unit 1 (Cheney & Christian)
  • Hawk Anderson
    Resident Director, Unit 3 (Norton & Spens-Black)
  • Joseangel Corrales
    Resident Director, Unit 3 (Ida Sproul & Priestly)
  • Holly Borrero
    Resident Director, Unit 4 Foothill (La Loma & Stern)
  • Mando Zaragoza
    Resident Director, Unit 3 (Beverly Cleary & New Sequoia)
  • Liza Blevins
    Resident Director, Unit 2 (Cunningham & Towle)
  • Jake Starr
    Resident Director, Clark Kerr Campus
  • Meelod Wafajow
    Resident Director, Clark Kerr Campus (CKC)
  • Robert Magdaleno
    Senior Resident Director, Maximino Martinez Commons
  • temp placement of a staff person
    Freddy Watson
    Resident Director, Unit 2 (Ehrman & Wada)
  • Koko Mulder
    Koko Mulder
    Academic Programs Coordinator, University Village, Albany
  • Kathy Kwong
    Katherina Kwong
    Administrative Assistant
  • temp placement of a staff person
    Alyssa Severson
    Resident Director, Unit 1 (Putnam & Freeborn)
  • temp placement of a staff person
    Tracy Gregory
    Residential Academic Success Specialist
  • Eve Hernandez
    Resident Director, Unit 2 (Davidson & Griffith)