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Notice: as we continue to consult with university leaders and public health officials to create thoughtful plans for more in-person services for the fall, we continue to maintain a no guest policy at this time, including no visitors, guests, or other residents in your personal bedroom (only essential service providers such as maintenance staff or your immediate family if they are helping you move out).

The Residential Code of Conduct covers topics on everything from alcohol use to disruptive behavior to threats to safety and verbal harassment, and even key use and posting flyers. Residents are accountable for knowing and adhering to both the UC Berkeley Student Code of Conduct and the Residential Code of Conduct, which is a subset of the Berkeley code.

Learn about some of the most common conduct violations.

You can read the Residential Code of Conduct here:

Table of Contents

Section A: General Policies

A1. Alcohol • A2. Computer Use • A3. Controlled Substances • A4. Disorderly & Lewd BehaviorA5. Disruptive ActivitiesA6. Dress Code within Dining FacilitiesA7. Failure to ComplyA8. Furnishing False InformationA9. GamblingA10. GuestsA11. NoiseA12. Physical Harassment & AbuseA13. Removal of Dining Hall ResourcesA14. Smoking & Tobacco ProductsA15. Supervision of Children in Family HousingA16. Theft & Unauthorized UseA17. Threat to Health & SafetyA18. Throwing ObjectsA19. Trespass & Restricted AccessA20. Verbal Harassment • A21. Weapons & Dangerous Instruments

Section B: Facilities Policies

B1. AnimalsB2. Fire SafetyB3. Fire HazardsB4. Furniture, Appliances, & Lofted BedsB5. KeysB6. Motorized VehiclesB7. Tampering B8. Unauthorized Storage •  B9. Vandalism & Damage

Section C: Community Area Policies

C1. Common Area Use C2. PostingC3. Solicitation of Services or Products

Section D: COVID-19 Related Policies in Campus Housing

Face coverings are required indoors, regardless of vaccination status. Face coverings must cover the nose and mouth, and must be worn indoors at all times unless you are brushing your teeth, taking a shower, or eating or drinking. Face coverings are not required inside your own room or apartment. Additionally, face coverings must be worn by guests (as defined by an individual who does not live in the building) at all times while indoors.
Notice: As we continue to consult with university leaders and public health officials to create thoughtful plans in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will maintain the above policy.