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Joseangel Corrales

Resident Director

Unit 3 (Ida Sproul & Priestly) | 510.501.0291

Hello,my name is Joseangel Corrales (he/his), and I serve as a Resident Director for Unit 3 overseeing Ida Sproul and Priestly Halls (affectionally known as Sprousley Towers).Originally from Southern CA, Berkeley will be my first time living in the Bay Area. Prior to being an RD, I earned my Master’s of Education in Student Affairs from UCLA and my Bachelor’s of Arts degree in English Literature and Latin American Studies from Franklin & Marshall College. I am entering my fourth year in residential life having previously served as an Assistant Resident Director at UCLA and a Resident Assistant at F&M. My professional interests lie in diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives and helping first generation students find a sense of belonging while adapting to the residential life setting. During my time with the department, I look forward to establishing and maintaining meaningful connections with my colleagues, staff, and residents. Outside of work, you can probably find me somewhere on campus photosynthesizing and reading a book while touching some grass.