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About Us

On behalf of all of the staff in Residential Life, welcome to UC Berkeley. We are excited that you will be part of our residential community. We are here to support your transition and help you maximize your residential experience here at Cal– which is especially important during these unprecedented times.

Our mission is to facilitate your transitions into the intellectual and social communities of the University of California, Berkeley, and to promote your personal well-being as well as respect for the needs of the entire residential community.

It is more vital than ever that every single member in our residential spaces collectively engage and contribute to building a community that demonstrates a commitment to following public health guidelines and campus expectations to combat the spread of COVID-19. Our dedicated and caring ResLife professional staff will help lead their respective residential communities and support you in your academic endeavors.

Best of luck and Go BEARS!

Glenn DeGuzman, Ed.D.
Associate Dean of Students & Director of Residential Life

See what our residents have reported about their experiences

Residents agreed that… 2019 2020
They feel welcomed n/a 81%
Living in housing makes them feel they belong at UC Berkeley 69% 75%
They know how to access resources to help them succeed academically…(Academic Success) 75% 73%
They are learning how to achieve personal wellness (physical, emotional, etc.) (Holistic Wellness) 61% 65%
They have found a supportive community of students (Community Engagement) 83% 86%
Their residential experience helped them learn to interact with people who are different in terms of race, gender, beliefs, etc. (Diversity & Global Consciousness) n/a 72%
Their residential experience helped them clarify their own values and beliefs (Identity Exploration) n/a 64%
# of programs focused on inclusion, individual growth, and/or community development 5505 6256

For questions related to Residential Life Assessment, contact Assistant Director, Dr. Jacquelynn Thomas at

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