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Senior Resident Assistant

Senior Resident Assistant, Academic Year 2022-2023

This application is now closed.

Please note that this position is only available for current hall staff.

Please read the job description before submitting your application. Read more about the application procedure here and the requirements for working with us.

[Draft] Job Description 2022-2023

The mission of Residential Life is to facilitate student transitions into the intellectual and social communities of the University of California, Berkeley and to promote personal wellbeing and respect for the community needs of all residents. Residential Life’s vision reflects a commitment to the intentional creation of effective and innovative programs aimed to empower students with the skills to become engaged campus and global citizens, and active agents of social change. The Senior Resident Directors (SRD), Resident Directors (RD), and the Live-In Student Staff will accomplish this mission through a combination of community building activities, student empowerment programs, and personal conversations.

The Senior Resident Assistant (SRA) is responsible for developing and maintaining an atmosphere that promotes residential communities through excellence in academic integration and personal development opportunities for students. As an employee of Residential Life, each SRA will adhere to, administer, and enforce policies and procedures as outlined in the Residential Life Student Staff Manual, the Residential Code of Conduct, the UC Berkeley Campus Code of Conduct, University of California Personnel Policies and Procedures, and the University of California Policies applying to Campus Activities, Organizations, and Students.

The SRA’s role is to connect with the members of the residential community, as directed by the Residential Student Experience Model. The Residential Student Experience Model outlines the framework used by the residential staff that will engage students through one-on-one conversations, community meetings, and programs that target the needs of the community. The SRA serves as a resource to both residents and staff while upholding the goals and policies of Residential Life. All responsibilities listed will be carried out under the supervision of the RD or SRD. The SRA serves as an advisor to the leadership programs of the Unit, including, but not limited to Hall Association, Theme Programs, as well as promoting and supporting the strategy efforts of the Resident Assistant (RA) and Theme Program Resident Assistant (TPRA). All responsibilities listed will be carried out under the supervision of the Resident Director (RD) or Senior Resident Director (SRD).

Essential Duties

The expectations of the Resident Assistant job description serves as a foundation for the Senior Resident Assistant role. Reference the RA job description for context and see below for the additional responsibilities of Senior Resident Assistants:

Mentorship & Leadership (40%):

  • Serve as a peer mentor and resource for Resident Assistants and Theme Program Resident Assistants to support their responsibilities of community development and Residential Student Experience Model implementation
  • Coordinate and support unit-wide programs and events in alignment with the Residential Student Experience Model, under the supervision of the Resident Director or Senior Resident Director. These include, but are not limited to:
    • Supporting Move-In / Move-Out, Residential Life welcome programs during Golden Bear Orientation (GBO), Homecoming, and other unit wide programs throughout the academic year
    • Serve as a peer mentor during GBO programming efforts by assisting in creating and distributing marketing materials with residential staff
  • Co-facilitate and attend weekly hall staff meetings which will take place every Tuesday from 7PM – 9PM.
  • In partnership with the Resident Director or Senior Resident Director, assist with facilitating ongoing community needs assessments in support of the Residential Student Experience Model
  • Assist with planning, facilitating and/or presenting Student Staff Training including: Fall, Spring, and any scheduled continuing education professional development sessions
  • Support Resident Assistants with lower-level roommate conflict mediation, community issues, and/or concerns at the discretion of the Resident Director or Senior Resident Director.
  • Support Hall Association in partnership with the Resident Director or Senior Resident Director and fellow unit Senior Resident Assistants (if applicable). Support measures consist of the following responsibilities, but are not limited to:
    • Recruitment of residents to engage in Hall Association
    • Support the Resident Director or Senior Resident Director with Hall Association elections under theguidelines set forth by the Residence Hall Assembly (RHA)
    • Co-facilitation of Hall Association weekly evening meetings Tuesdays from 9PM – 10PM, provide Hall Association members with guidance and mentorship, and ongoing leadership development opportunities.
    • Support and promote system-wide programs / initiatives from the Residence Hall Assembly (RHA)

Community Development & Residential Student Experience Model Implementation (35%):

  • Mentor the Resident Assistants and Theme Program Resident Assistants in financial management related to program strategy implementation. These include, but are not limited to:
    • Review Event Purchasing Forms and provide Feedback as necessary
    • Providing programming and financial updates to the Resident Director/ Senior Resident Directors
  • Support and promote programs offered by Health Workers, Resident Faculty, Theme Programs, and other departments
  • Provide context and knowledge of Residential Student Experience Model standards and curriculums to hall staff team

Crisis Response & Safety/Risk Management Responsibilities (20%)

  • Senior Resident Assistants are expected to serve in duty shifts during peak times (opening/closing/holidays) and in a backfill capacity for emergency management.
    • Senior Resident Assistants may be expected to provide additional support and staffing during times of emergency management and crisis response.
  • Follow and respond to all emergency procedures as directed by the Resident Director or Senior Resident Director or outlined in the Hall Staff Manual.
  • Demonstrate knowledge in mentoring regarding safety and liability for unit programs. Report all concerns directly to the Resident Director or Senior Resident Director.
  • Support the Resident Director or Senior Resident Director in facilitating the scheduling of evening, day, and holiday duty.

Administrative Responsibilities & Additional Duties (5%)

  • Ensure that the RD or SRD is informed and updated on all aspects of your work as an SRA. This includes phone and / or email contact and meeting regularly with the RD or SRD to share job-related information, give / receive constructive feedback, and develop job-related skills.
  • Attend and actively participate in fall and spring student staff training sessions, and all scheduled in-service training
  • Participate in all individual, staff, and group evaluation processes
  • Senior Resident Assistants must be available every Tuesday from 7-10pm for weekly hall staff / unit meetings and Hall Association Meetings
  • Complete additional duties as assigned to meet the evolving needs of the residential community


  • Senior Resident Assistants are expected to model ethical behavior for all residence hall policies and procedures. Failure to demonstrate ethical behavior may result in personnel action up to and including dismissal.
  • Share feedback with peers and RD or SRD that is appropriate, constructive and solution oriented.
  • Communicate and demonstrate an ability to hold self, peers, professional staff accountable that contributes to a solution based resolution.
  • Adequately able to balance academic demands and other commitments with the duties and responsibilities of the hall staff position that contributes to the success of the team dynamic.



  • Undergraduate student possessing a minimum 2.300 cumulative GPA and good standing with the University at the start of position and throughout the period of employment. Please note that GPA does not round up, any GPA below a 2.300 (2.299 or below) will make you ineligible for this position
  • Full-time academic status (12-13 units per semester) during the period of employment
  • Previous experience as a Residential Life Live-In staff member (RA/TPRA/SRA) in UC Berkeley Residential Life


  • Previous leadership experience in the university environment
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • The ability to utilize residential tools to facilitate community among individuals
  • Understanding or willingness to create an inclusive, socially-just community