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Section B: Facilities Policies

B1. Animals

All animals are prohibited from residential properties with the exception of fish in tanks not exceeding 20 gallons. A student may request the approval of an accommodation or assistive animal in accordance with Title II of the ADA and the Federal Housing Act (FHAct).

B2. Fire Safety

A. Misuse or interference with fire safety equipment such as smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, sprinklers, door closures, safety lights or exit signs is prohibited.
B. Failure to evacuate immediately when an emergency alarm sounds and/or disregarding evacuation procedures is prohibited.
C. Exceeding campus fire code capacity of 10 persons per residential room is prohibited.

B3. Fire Hazards

A. Use or possession of explosives, flammable substances, or any object that creates an open flame is prohibited. Examples include firecrackers, gasoline, lighter fluid, candles, incense, hookahs and flame starters.
B. Blocking indoor or outdoor stairwells, corridors, pedestrian paths, or balconies with bicycles, mopeds, or any personal item is prohibited. Examples include locking bicycles to railings, leaving shoes, umbrellas or other objects in the hallway, or parking mopeds on walkways.
C. Use or possession of appliances that produce heat or flame are prohibited outside of designated kitchen spaces. UL approved coffee makers, tea kettles and personal irons are permitted in residential rooms.
D. Halogen lamps and decorative string lights are not permitted in any residential facility.
E. Use or possession of cookouts and BBQs is not permitted in residential facilities without approval from a Residential staff member.

B4. Furniture, Appliances, & Lofted Beds

A. University provided furniture, including mattresses, may not be removed from residential rooms without written permission from the Residence Hall Facility Manager. Mattresses must be kept on the provided bed frame and furniture may not be stacked or assembled atop bricks, bookcases, or other structures not originally designed to support it.
B. Large and/or unapproved appliances are not permitted in any residential facilities. Residents who wish to have a refrigerator or microwave in their room must rent these appliances from the approved University vendor.
C. Lofted beds may only be assembled by designated University Facilities Staff. No other person or entity may install or construct lofts in a room. Requests for lofting will be charged a fee.

B5. Keys

A. Possession, duplication, misuse of University issued keys and key cards, including loaning keys to any other person, or leaving a key unattended in the lock, is prohibited.
B. Each resident may receive four lockouts per academic year. Additional lockouts are considered excessive and a violation of policy that may be subject to a $25 service fee per lockout.

B6. Motorized Vehicles

Motorized vehicles, including scooters, motorcycles, mopeds, hoverboards, smart boards and balancing boards may not be operated, charged or stored within residential facilities.

B7. Tampering

A. Tampering with or removing windows, window security screens, or window stops is prohibited.
B. Tampering with doors, or interfering with door locks, hinges, or closures is prohibited.
C. Tampering, interfering with or manipulating the elevators and related machinery in any residential facility is prohibited. Examples include removing button plates, pulling open or close doors, touching wiring or lighting, jumping up and down in the carriage, and pushing the alarm bell unnecessarily.

B8. Unauthorized Storage

A. Residents are not permitted to store personal items outside of assigned residential spaces, including common areas, lounges, balconies, and restrooms. This prohibition is inclusive of the storage of bicycles. Bicycles may only be stored in designated parking or bike storage areas.

B9. Vandalism & Damage

Removing, defacing, damaging or destroying University property or the property of others, including, breaking windows and doors, drawing on walls or bulletin boards and disposing of trash outside of appropriate receptacles is prohibited.