Global Environment Theme House (GETH)

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The Global Environment Theme House (GETH): Championing a Greener Way of Life

The Global Environment Theme House provides a small community experience within the larger University, and attracts students who are committed to protecting the environment. GETHies will learn about green living and giving  back to our environment, grow as leaders, and develop friendships. A theme program assistant provides resources and support for residents’ social and academic needs. Discussion topics include sustainability, pollution, advocacy for animals and environment, environmental and social justice, global climate, gentrification, and urban planning and development.

GETH values the experience and passion of students. Thus, GETHies are empowered to create their own footprint in the community by developing their own programming.  


GETH residents are expected to spend 2–4 hours a week engaged and actively participating in theme program activities, including:

  • A yearlong (fall and spring) seminar, Natural Resources 24/84: Global Environment Theme House. This is a 1-unit per semester, Pass/No Pass freshman seminar that meets once a week and is taught by College of Natural Resources faculty. Topics for the seminar relate to environmental action and research on and around the Berkeley campus. If you’re admitted to GETH, you will be given more information about how to enroll in the class.
  • Weekly GETH meeting/community-building time.
  • Fall semester retreat.  
  • Self-driven community-service project or research.


Events include a wide variety of leadership and community-building activities, such as dinners with faculty, study groups, kayaking, and a spring retreat. Other field trips may include a tour of Strawberry Creek, hiking to Big C, and mountain climbing. GETH participants are highly encouraged to attend other theme program-sponsored events.


GETH residents live together on the Clark Kerr Campus (CKC) which is situated below the beautiful Berkeley hills on the southeast end of campus. For more information about CKC, including amenities and features, academic services, transportation options, and more, please visit


If you have additional questions that are not answered here, please email Residential Life at