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The Resident Faculty Program

One of the unique opportunities offered to students living in the University’s residence halls is the chance to connect with faculty members outside the classroom. Since the launch of UC Berkeley’s Resident Faculty program in 2005, tenure-track faculty have lived in the residence halls to give students an opportunity to personally know a professor and benefit from mentorship in a non-classroom setting.  Resident Faculty support students’ intellectual growth and personal and academic achievement through inclusive, community-driven activities developed in partnership with Resident Directors and selected hall staff. They also offer students insight into their own research interests, as well as advice about choosing a major, co-curricular activities, or anything else on a student’s mind.

The Resident Faculty live in Units 1, 2, Maximino Martinez Commons, Clark Kerr Campus, and Blackwell Hall. While they may not live in every unit, Resident Faculty work as a team to provide personal mentoring, events, and activities to all students living in university-owned housing.

Our job and privilege is to introduce students to the intellectual life of the Berkeley campus. We want them — each and all — to feel comfortable with us as faculty members and individuals who can provide guidance in their academic development and in their personal lives.

- Professor Genaro Padilla, longtime and former Resident Faculty at the Clark Kerr Campus

Resident Faculty Members

For students nervous about meeting professors or wondering how to get to know them better, the answer can be as simple as saying hello in the dining commons or attending a Resident Faculty program.

Meet this year’s roster of Resident Faculty.

Jovan Lewis

(Blackwell Hall)

Brandi Summers - Resident Faculty, Unit 1

Brandi Summers
 (Unit 1)

Tina Sacks

(Unit 1)

Robert Rhew

(Clark Kerr Campus)

Courtney Morris

(Unit 2)

Stephanie Jones-Rogers - Resident Faculty, MMC

Stephanie Jones-Rogers

(Maximino Martinez Commons)





Faculty Affiliates (spring volunteer opportunity) 

Faculty Affiliates are UC Berkeley faculty who volunteer to attend, speak at, and/or participate in Residential Life programs and activities. Residential Life offers these volunteer opportunities for two reasons. First, faculty volunteers will benefit from interacting with our residents outside of the classroom and get to participate in our programs. Second, volunteering is an opportunity to get to know the department prior to the next recruitment cycle for the Resident Faculty live-in positions. Our next anticipated opening is Summer 2023 and recruitment will take place Fall 2022. 

For questions related to the Resident Faculty or Faculty Affiliate Program please contact: Assistant Director, Dr. Jacquelynn Thomas at jaqui@berkeley.edu.