Resident Faculty

One of the unique opportunities offered to students living in the University’s residence halls is the chance to connect with faculty members outside the classroom. Since the launch of UC Berkeley’s Resident Faculty program in 2005, tenure-track faculty have lived in the residence halls, providing encouragement to students on a daily basis. Faculty eat in the dining commons, participate in student-run events, and attend residence hall programs.

Through this program, students are given an opportunity to personally know a member of the faculty and have access to a mentor in a non-classroom setting. Resident faculty offer regular office hours for drop-in visits, where students can ask advice about choosing a major, co-curricular activities, or anything that is on their mind. They support students’ intellectual growth and personal and academic achievement through inclusive, community-driven activities such as field trips and informal seminars. They also offer students insight into their own research interests.

Resident faculty live in Units 1, 2, Maximino Martinez Commons, and the Clark Kerr Campus, and personal mentoring, office hours, events, and activities are open to all students living in university-owned housing.

Our job and privilege is to introduce students to the intellectual life of the Berkeley campus. We want them — each and all — to feel comfortable with us as faculty members and individuals who can provide guidance in their academic development and in their personal lives.” 
Professor Genaro Padilla, longtime Resident Faculty member at Clark Kerr Campus.

Resident Faculty Members

For students nervous about meeting professors or wondering how to get to know them better, the answer can be as simple as knocking on a neighbor’s door.

Meet this year’s roster of Resident Faculty.

Professor Genaro Padilla

 Genaro Padilla

(Clark Kerr)

Professor Mahasin Mujahid

Mahasin Mujahid
 (Unit 1)

Professor Robert Rhew

Robert Rhew
(Unit 1)

Professor Malo Andre Hutson

Malo Andre Hutson

(Clark Kerr)

Professor Kate O'Neill

Kate O'Neill

(Unit 2)

Professor Jason Corburn

Jason Corburn

(Martinez Commons)











For questions related to the Resident Faculty Program please contact: Director of Residential Education, Glenn DeGuzman,