Tutors Fall 2018 (Writing, Math, Physics, Chemistry)

The Fall 2018 Tutor application is NOW ClOSED. Applications are in the screening process.

Please read the job description before submitting your application.

The Mission of Residential Education is to create safe and inclusive living-learning communities that foster holistic education and global citizenship. Residential Education’s vision reflects a commitment to the intentional creation of effective and innovative programs aimed to empower students with the skills to become engaged campus and global citizens, and active agents of social change.

Residential Education endeavors to provide inclusive academic support for residential students and abundant opportunities for positive peer interaction through academic advising, tutoring, faculty interaction, technology, and programming. These services are supported by Academic Centers located throughout the residential communities. The student staff provides direct assistance to residents as well as creative programming to address residents’ needs and are supervised and trained by professional staff at each Center. All programs and services are evaluated by residents on a regular basis in order to insure that the Centers are a dynamic and relevant part of the learning communities in the residence halls.

Residential Tutors provide drop-in tutorial services in UC Berkeley’s residence halls.  During regularly scheduled evening shifts, a team of Residential Tutors assist residents with their coursework and assignments with the goal of developing academic skills that will enable residents to succeed throughout their years at UC Berkeley. Tutors are expected to work in one of the following four subject areas:  Chemistry (1A, 3A, 3B), Math (1A, 1B, 10A, 10B, 16A, 16B, 32, 53, 54), Physics (7A, 7B, 8A, 8B), Writing (all undergraduate writing). In addition to providing assistance during drop-in tutoring, Residential Tutors provide support during welcome week events, midterm review sessions, final exam review sessions, and extended drop-in writing support during RRR week. The duties of the tutor are carried out under the supervision of a Lead Tutor and the Academic & Leadership Coordinator (ALC) for Academic Programs.


Ethics Statement:

As a representative of the University of California, Berkeley and a member of the Residential Education staff, the Tutor is expected to respect personal integrity of all community members and assure they be treated in a manner that is fundamentally fair. Staff should refrain from engaging in any behaviors, attitudes, relationships, or actions that:

  • Would be considered harassment on the basis of gender, race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, citizenship, age, and/or ability.

  • Would impinge on a student or another staff member's dignity, moral code, privacy, self‐worth, and academic, physical, psychological, and/or emotional well‐being.

  • Would seek unjustified personal gains, unfair advantage, unearned goods or services.

Essential Duties

Tutoring: (65%)

  • Assist students with problem sets, papers, and other subject-related coursework.  

  • Listen actively, discuss difficult concepts, and provide new approaches to understanding them.

  • Create a comfortable, friendly atmosphere by maintaining professionalism.  

  • Be an active presence in the Academic Center (offering tutoring, reaching out to students, being approachable and willing to help students)

  • Show enthusiasm for tutoring and the subject matter.

  • Introduce students to study strategies and skills which will assist them with their coursework.

  • Work with both individuals and small groups.  

  • Encourage and facilitate group study.

  • Provide drop-in tutorial services in a timely manner, beginning and ending on time. Offered Sun-Thur 8-10pm. Schedule determined per semester.

  • Facilitate evening review sessions as needed.

Training and Support (20%)

  • Participate in mandatory spring and fall training.

  • Prepare for and attend bi-weekly tutor meetings on Wednesdays from 6:30pm-7:45pm during the academic year.

  • Participate in peer observations of other tutors.

  • Meet individually at least twice per semester with the Lead Tutor.

  • Meet individually at least once per semester with the ALC for Academic Programs

Administrative Responsibilities (5%)

  • Check and respond to emails at least once a day

  • Address all concerns with Lead Tutor and/or ALC for Academic Programs

  • Follow through on supervisor requests in a timely manner, such as submitting timesheets, transcripts, etc. by set deadlines

  • Seek formal and informal feedback on your performance from students.

  • Maintain an orderly tutoring environment in the Academic Center.

  • Other duties as assigned.

Tutoring Preparation (5%)

  • Maintain and increase knowledge in your subject area by reading course materials such as textbooks, handouts, and web pages.

  • Prepare outlines and materials for academic programs and review sessions.

Programming (5%)

  • Help students prepare for exams by offering review sessions and extended hours as necessary



  • Current, full-time student at time of employment (undergraduate or graduate)

  • A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 (we do not round up)

  • Minimum grades of “A’s” and “B’s” in subject area of tutoring

  • Demonstrated excellence in lower division courses relevant to tutoring discipline


  • Strong customer service skills and ability to work with people from diverse backgrounds.

  • Ability to communicate effectively, maintain cooperative peer relationships, friendliness and approachability.

  • Be teamwork-oriented, dependable, and attentive to detail

Terms of Employment

  • Residential Tutors are expected to follow residence hall policies and procedures during all work shifts. Failure to serve as a positive role model may result in personnel action up to and including dismissal.  

  • Active participation in required tutor training in August as well as on-going system-wide and area staff in-service training programs.

  • Tutors are expected to work during some evenings, weekends and holidays.

  • Continued employment is contingent upon a satisfactory job performance evaluation by the supervisor. Satisfactory job performance is defined as meeting expectations as outlined by the job evaluation in all areas of the job description.

  • The Tutor will be compensated at a rate of $14.00/hour and is expected to work 8-15 hours per week during the duration of employment.


  • Maintain positive working relationships with fellow Residential and Student Services staff.

  • Do not duplicate or loan keys to unauthorized persons.  

  • Adhere to all crisis, evaluation, and emergency response procedures.

  • Be responsible with special staff privileges (i.e. use of office, phones, keys, office equipment, etc.).

  • Maintain confidentiality and objectivity in all matters related to Center business students and staff.

  • Perform other duties as assigned by the ALC  for Academic Programs and the administrative staff of Residential and Student Services Programs..

**The job description as outlined above is subject to change**


Feel free to contact reshalls-employment@berkeley.edu with any questions.