Summer Sessions 2018 Community Coordinator

**We have now concluded our Summer Hall Staff recruiting process. Should there be any vacancies/openings, the application process may re-open.**
PLEASE NOTE: Although the Community Coordinator position is different between Summer Sessions and Summer Bridge, both positions will have the same application. The application for current hall staff members and former summer staff is now LIVE! The application for NEW summer staff will go live in the next couple of weeks. Please stay tuned!
If you are interested in the Community Coordinator position, please answer all prompts including the supplemental questions.


Residential and Student Service Programs

2018 Summer Sessions Community Coordinator Job Description


The Mission of Residential Education is to create safe and inclusive living-learning communities that foster holistic education and global citizenship. Residential Programs’ vision reflects a commitment to the intentional creation of effective and innovative strategies aimed at developing students to be engaged campus and global citizens, and active agents of social change. The Resident Directors and the live-in student staff they supervise accomplish this through a combination of community building activities, student empowerment, and personal conversations. The Summer Sessions Community Coordinator (SCC) is responsible for working with other Residential Education staff to develop and maintain positive residential communities during the Summer Sessions.

The Summer Sessions Community Coordinator (SCC) is responsible for working closely with other Residential Education staff to develop and maintain positive residential communities during the Summer Sessions. As an employee of the Residential and Student Service Programs, each SRA will adhere to, administer, and enforce policies and procedures as outlined in the Residential Education Student Staff Manual, the Residential Code of Conduct, the UC Berkeley Campus Code of Conduct University of California Personnel Policies and Procedures, and the University of California Policies applying to Campus Activities, Organizations and Students.

The Summer Programs Community Coordinator's job encompasses implementing strategies, student leadership, advising, administrative and staff responsibilities, and as such, requires strong leadership skills, dependability and a sincere interest in the welfare of the residence hall community. The SCC serves as a resource to both residents and staff, and should work to accomplish the mission Residential and Housing Services. The responsibilities listed below will be carried out under the direction of the Assistant Resident Director (ARD) and a Resident Director (RD).

Essential Duties

Community & Educational Strategies (60%)

  • Serve as a resource to Resident Assistants (RAs) in their development and implementation of educational, cultural, recreational, social, and faculty strategies as directed by the Residential Curriculum and the Resident Director. Provide guidance in planning specialized strategies for special programs (i.e.,international Students, special programs)
  • Attend strategies as directed by ARD as well as encourage residents to participate in strategies.
  • Meet bi-weekly with RAs to advise on current and future strategies.
  • Coordinate all Summer Sessions Welcome Week strategies. This includes planning transitional and community events, staffing and supplies, welcome week calendars, being available opening nights, and assisting with the coordination of area/hall meetings.
  • Coordinate weekly Tuesday Night Social Series. This includes assisting Resident Assistants in planning the event, coordinating strategy staffing and supplies, and attending all events. Tuesday Night Socials take place on Tuesday evenings from 9pm to 10pm.
  • Coordinate and develop a strategy calendar for the unit and tracking completion of strategies.

Staff and Administrative Responsibilities (30%)

  • Attend, participate, and assist in all staff trainings.
  • Attend weekly hall staff meetings or unit meetings prepared with weekly reports as required by the RD. Hall staff meetings will be on Tuesday evenings from 7 p.m. - 9 p.m. Time commitments for these meetings vary.
  • Coordinate duty calendars to ensure an accurate and balanced staff duty rotation.
  • Coordinate and implement staff development and staff recognition activities.
  • Ensure that your ARD and RD is informed and updated on all aspects of  your work. This responsibility will entail meeting regularly with your ARD to share job-related  information, receive feedback and develop job-related skills.
  • Participate in all individual, staff and group evaluations as planned by Residential & Housing Services.
  • Complete administrative tasks in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Maintain updated bulletin boards and directed by the ARD.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Student Development & Community Development Responsibilities (10%)

  • Encourage a positive living and learning environment through activities and strategies, working closely with professional and student staff.
  • Encourage the personal, social, and academic development of students by spending a significant amount of time in the area or building and getting to know hall staff and students on an individual basis.
  • Respond to student behavior that is inappropriate and/or in violation of campus policies and procedures (i.e., behavior that endangers the health and safety of residents or results in damage to University property). Confront the action that is in question, document incident(s) as directed.
  • Model ethical behavior through personal and academic pursuits and adhere to all residence hall policies.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of campus resources in order to provide academic, social, and personal counseling and/or referral.
  • Relate student concerns (i.e. policies, procedures, dining, maintenance) to the appropriate units of the RSSP

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Undergraduate or graduate student in good standing with the university possessing a minimum 2.300 cumulative GPA and good standing with the University at the time of application and throughout the period of employment.  Please note that GPA does not round up. Any GPA below a 2.300 (2.299 or below) will make you ineligible for this position. Summer SCCs are not required to be enrolled in academic courses during the period of employment for the summer. Recent graduates (May 2018) are eligible to apply.
  • Full-time academic status (12-13 units per semester) during time of application. Exceptions must have the prior approval of the Resident Director and Assistant Director.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Prior live-in residential hall staff experience at a university.

Terms of Employment

  • The Summer Sessions CC is expected to serve as a role model for all residence hall policies and procedures. Failure to serve as a positive role model may result in personnel action up to and including dismissal.
  • The period of employment for this live-in position is during the Summer of 2018
  • A summer session CC who has also committed to a 2018-2019 academic year hall staff position may not take summer session B,C, D,or E classes.
  • Active participation in all staff trainings which occurs prior to and concurrent with the opening of the hall. Preparation for and implementation of opening and closing of the halls may include, but is not limited to: administrative preparation, programmatic preparation, logistical preparation, and physical preparation of floors/suites, hall/area, and unit for opening and closing.
  • The SCC is expected to work during some evenings, weekends and holidays. A commitment of approximately 19 hours/week is expected, which includes required meetings, meetings with hall staff, strategy  implementation and attendance, being visible and available to residents, and addressing the specific needs of the community. Some weeks may require more than 19 hours and some may require less, but the SCC should be expected to work an average of 19/hrs a week through the summer.
  • All extended hall absences (more than 24 hours) must be arranged in advance with the ARD. Absences will not be approved the first and last two weeks of the summer.
  • Any major time commitments (classes, additional employment exceeding 15 hours/week, etc.) outside the residence hall staff position must be discussed and approved in advance by the RD.
  • Continued employment is contingent upon a satisfactory job performance evaluation by the supervisor. Satisfactory job performance evaluation is defined as meeting expectations as defined by the job evaluation in all areas of the job description.
  • SCCs who display psychological behavior which raises concerns about fitness for the position may be required to complete an assessment of fitness and ability in order to continue in the position.
  • The SCC will receive a room (single) and Summer Meal Plan during the period of employment as compensation. Unused meal points are not transferable.


  • Maintain positive working relationships with other Residential Education and RSSP staff.
  • Do not duplicate or loan keys to unauthorized persons. Master keys are to be kept in their designated, secure location at all times when not in use and are not to leave the building or area without authorization.
  • Be responsible with special staff privileges (i.e. use of office, phones, keys, department van, office equipment, etc.).
  • Maintain confidentiality and objectivity in all matters related to students and staff.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Assistant Resident Director, Resident Director or the administrative staff of Residential and Student Services Programs.
  • The responsibility of this position involves spending a significant amount of time in the area or building and getting to know staff and students on an individual basis.
  • Role-model an appreciation of differences and assist students in   developing an understanding of diverse cultures and lifestyles. Respect and treat all individuals fairly and equitably by being open and understanding of sexual orientation, cultural, and ethnic diversity issues.

Background Check Requirement

This position is subject to a criminal background check. Driving is preferred. If driving, a DMV check for driving record and valid driver's license is required. This position meets the following background check criteria:

  • Master key access to residence or other facilities.
  • If driving, responsibility for regularly operating vehicles, machinery, or toxic systems that could cause accidental death, injury, or health problems.

Nondiscrimination Policy Statement for University of California

The University of California, in accordance with applicable Federal and State law and University policy, does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, pregnancy, physical or mental disability, medical condition (cancer related or genetic characteristics), ancestry, marital status, age, sexual orientation, citizenship, or service in the uniformed services.  The University also prohibits sexual harassment.  This nondiscrimination policy covers admission, access, and treatment in University programs and activities.  Inquiries regarding the University's student-related nondiscrimination policies may be directed as follows: Sex discrimination and access: ADA/504 Compliance Office, (510) 643-5116 (voice or TTY/TDD); age discrimination: Age Discrimination Act Coordinator, (510) 642-8471.  Other inquiries may be directed to the Academic Compliance Officer, 200 California Hall #1500, (510) 642-2795.

*/IIPP Requirements/*

Provides health and safety training, guidance on safe work practices, provides proper equipment, observes work practices and correct methods, and investigates accidents. Works in a safe and responsible manner while not putting self or others at risk. This includes complying with applicable policies and regulations; using personal safety gear; observing warning signs; learning about potential hazards; and reporting unsafe conditions.

Please contact with any questions.