Student Staff Intent to Return Process 2018-2019


Click HERE for the CLA Intent to Return Form; it is due Monday, December 12th at 10am. 

Click HERE for the RA/TPA Intent to Return Form; it is due Monday, January 16th at 11pm.


- If you are currently an RA and would like to be considered for a TPA position, you must submit a new TPA application. 

- If you are currently a TPA and would like to return as an RA for next year, you only need to submit the Intent to Return Form.

- If you have applied to the CLA position and would still like to be considered for the returning RA/TPA position (pending the outcome of the CLA process) please also submit an Intent to Return Form.

Please be aware that for all positions, training will begin on Wednesday, August 2nd 2017.



Are current staff guaranteed a position?

A rehire is based on position performance, positions available, and department needs.

If I am applying to be a CLA and/or a TPA, should I still fill out a returning RA application?

YES! If you don’t receive a TPA/CLA offer, and still want to be on staff, it is totally acceptable, and encouraged, to keep your options open. If you are offered a CLA or TPA position, you’ll automatically be removed from the RA process.

Could I be placed in a different location for next year? 

We acknowledge that placement is a very important factor in this position, so you will be able to indicate a preffered placement on your intent to return form. 

If I have been here longer, does that mean I am more likely to get an Martinez/Wada/ Channing-Bowditch apartment for my placement?

No, staff who have the skills best suited to work in an apartment environment are placed there. Seniority is not considered for those requests. Contrary to belief, working as an staff member in apartments/suites can be more challenging than in traditional halls so we want to be sure we set someone up for success.

If I am not happy with my placement, can I ask for a transfer?

No. Placement is done based on the needs of the department, so there are no changes after offers are made. If you are disappointed because you were placed in a different unit, there’s no need! It will be a great experience.

Can I request a certain RD to be my supervisor?

We’re so glad you work well with your supervisor, but in the RD world, there is also no certainties. Often, RDs are transferred to different units, RDs leave, and new RDs are hired over the summer, so we place based on the unit. If you do not have the same supervisor, what a great opportunity to get to know someone new!

What about summer positions?

Information about Summer positions will be available Spring semester. Current academic year staff will need to go through the summer application process.

Hey, those Hiring Coordinators are doing a great job, and I think I’d be interested in doing that! How can I do that?

Applications for the Hiring Coordinator position will be available in February/March. But, it would not hurt to ask them questions about their job, and to observe them during January interviews to see them in action. It’s a great job, and, of course, looks great on a resume.

I love helping out with new RA interviews. When do I sign up for that?

You will be asked to sign up at the end of the semester. All staff are required to assist in the interview process for new RAs. It’s very helpful for when you interview for other internships and real world (whatever that means!) jobs.

Where can I go if I have any questions?

You can always contact your friendly hiring coordinators at