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Member Bios

John Veal RHA President

President, John Veale III: Hello, my name is John Wesley Veale III, but you can call me Jay (everyone does). I'm a fourth year double-majoring in Political Economy (with a concentration on International Trade) and Film, and I’m from the happy little town of Huntington Beach, California. When I'm not flipping through mountains of readers or with my RHA family, you can find me thrifting, making short films, or hunting down the next best cup of coffee. This year I am beyond excited to further the purpose of RHA and to ensure that every individual in our community- whether the residents, hall staff, professional staff, or others- feels supported and appreciated. I have been blessed with such a talented and dedicated team and we are going to do extraordinary things this year!


Sofi Sargsyan, VP of Public Relations

VP of Public Relations, Spencer Mowdy: Hello, my name is Spencer Mowdy Hill and I’m a third year majoring in Applied Mathematics. I have been in college student government continuously since I was 15. This semester, I am very happy to have the opportunity to take the role of VP of Public Relations to a new level. I plan to use the skills I’ve gained as admin of Overheard at UC Berkeley, as well as the page itself, to further the social media reach of the RHA. When I’m not doing RHA work or math, I make music; help run UC Berkeley Memes For Edgy Teens; think of ways to make the dream of underground residence halls real; and play SET, Catan, and Super Smash Brothers Melee.


Vanessa, VP of Social Affairs

VP of Social Affairs, Kendall Moxie: Hi! My name is Kendall Moxie, and I am second year and intended English major. Although I grew up in a small town in New Jersey, I currently live with my five siblings and our parents in Irvine, California. If I’m not baking, you’ll either find me at Disneyland, playing with my cat, or drinking tea. Last year, I was the RHA Representative for Christian Hall, and I loved the work that RHA does for residents. As this year’s Vice President of Social Affairs, I am excited to plan amazing events for the residents like AHOW and Sail Away. My favorite parts of both Hall Association and RHA is the community that we help foster in the Res Halls, and I can’t wait to join forces with this year’s reps to continue that work. Feel free to stop me and say hi if you see me around, I love to meet new people!

VP of Advocacy and OutreachVP of Advocacy & Outreach, Nikita Bhatia: Hi! My name is Nikita Bhatia and I am a junior studying bioengineering. I am originally from Kalamazoo, Michigan; yes, there really is a Kalamazoo! Having been involved with RHA and hall association since my freshman year, I am so excited to serve as RHA’s VP of Advocacy & Outreach for the 2018-2019 year! As VP of Advocacy & Outreach, I will make sure to advocate and represent both the residential hall and Bay Area community. Especially at a time like now, I fervently believe it is of the utmost importance to stand up for our beliefs and make a difference through our actions. I look forward to working with RHA and the residence halls to plan events and think of new ways to fulfill our mission to serve our community. My experience in the residence halls has made Cal seem like a home away from home, and I hope that the same goes for you all. If you have any questions or concerns or just want to talk, feel free to reach out. I can’t wait to meet all of you! Can I get a GO BEARS?!?!

VP of CommunicationsVP of Internal Affairs & National Communications Coordinator, Jordan Jomsky: Hi! My name is Jordan Jomsky. I am a second year from Newbury Park, California. My intended major is Data Science for now. In my small amount of free time, I enjoy exploring Berkeley and visiting San Francisco.  I am excited for a great year on RHA’s executive team and hope to increase the quality of life in the residence halls. Feel free to reach out to me if you want some coffee or Sliver (I love Sliver). Go Bears!

Co-Advisor, Derek Smith: Hi all! My name is Derek Smith (He, Him, His) and I am from Southern California (Orange County). I earned my bachelor of arts from California State University, Fullerton (Go Titans!) in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance and then went on to pursue my masters in Higher Education Administration with a focus in Student Affairs from the University at Buffalo in New York. I currently serve as the Resident Director for Christian and Cheney Halls and work with the African American Theme Program! I have an interest for social justice and inclusion education and educational policy. In my free time, I enjoy going to various sporting events, traveling, and cooking up new recipes!



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Assembly Documents

RHA Constitution (Google doc)  Our Constitution, which will provide a detailed breakdown of the structure of our organization.

RHA By-Laws (Google doc)  Our By-Laws will provide a detailed description of our logistics.

Meeting Minutes (Google doc) 

RHA Bills (Google doc)  RHA passes a variety of bills throughout the year that support official legislation or orders, programs or their mission statements, and other changes that affect the residence halls. Bills are reviewed by the Internal Affairs Committee before reaching the Assembly for a vote. The bill must be approved by 2/3 of the assembly in order to be enacted and amendments may be made to any bill by the assembly. If the bill affects Hall Association bylaws or constitutions, then it must be posted in all residence halls for residents to view after which time it is voted on by individual Hall Associations and the RHA Representatives bring that vote back to the Assembly meeting for the final decision. If you have any question or concerns about how to write a bill, or if you need an example, please email the VP of Communications/NCC at rhancc@berkeley.edu.

Examples of bills that have been passed are as follows:

  • Bill to support a hate-free and inclusive environment in the residence halls and on campus for all residents, students and faculty (2010) Written by Emily Ly, Kristina Kim and Nicole Durbin-Henderson
  • Bill to support paper towel composting pilot program (2010) Written by Tia Chea - Presidents’ Roundtable Schedule of Meetings (2008) Written by David Chen
  • Bill to Amend a Change in the Format of Committee reports (2008) Written by Ayelet Awad - Endorsement of University of California Residence Halls (2008) Written by David Chen
  • Bill to Support the Incorporation of University Apartments into Residence Hall Government (2007) Written by Courtney Lane
  • Bill to Amend Election Procedure (2007) Written by Edward Chow
  • Bill to Endorse “Blackout Battles” Energy Competition (2007) Written by Kameron Kitajima
  • Bill to Move Contingency Funds to NACURH Funds (2007) Written by Christina Markle - Bill to Support the University of California, Berkeley Social Justice Leadership Conference (2007) Written by Tiffany Chan
  • Bill for the Movement of Excess Funds from Casino/Dance Night to RHA Boat Dance (2006) Written by Maxwell Jen
  • Executive Order to Suspend Residence Hall Constitution Title IV, Article II, Section 1, Letter E (2006) Ordered by Oriana Madrigal
  • Executive Order Authorizing Executive Staff August Stipend Payment (2005) Ordered by Dan Woodard