Residence Hall Assembly (RHA)

Welcome to the Residence Hall Assembly! RHA is the umbrella organization for the Hall Associations in each building. We consist of representatives from each residence hall and serves as an advocacy group for student issues. They represent the residents living on campus to Residential and Student Service Programs (RSSP) and to other groups that impact residential life. RHA coordinates many campus-wide activities and programs and recommends policy changes to RSSP. If you have questions about Assembly activities or want to learn more about how to become involved, contact the RHA at The RHA is housed in the Residential Leadership Office located at Unit 1, L -03 Christian Hall. 


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The Residence Hall Assembly (RHA) of the University of California, Berkeley is the student-run government body in the residence halls, structured around the importance of providing student representation in the decisions that affect residents and their community. Representing over 7,200 students in Berkeley’s residential community, the assembly is an important link to the Berkeley community and campus. The assembly’s motto is to improve the quality of life in the residence halls and with this in mind RHA works with the division of Residential and Student Service Programs, campus officials, the City of Berkeley, residence hall systems throughout the continent and other on-campus organizations. We are an affiliate of the regional association PACURH (Pacific Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls), which in turn is a subset of the national group NACURH (National Association of College and University Residence Halls).


The Residence Hall Assembly grew out of the Presidents’ Council in 1988. The Presidents’ Council was a weekly meeting of all Hall Presidents to discuss issues regarding the system as a whole. In 1988, RHA was established. This assembly allowed for Presidents to stay focused on their individual hall needs. The RHA Representative was the new voice of their hall association in system wide matters. The organization has continued to grow since its founding in 1988, making it what it is today.


RHA has a six member executive board that organizes and facilitates RHA initiatives, advises RHA committees, and serves numerous other purposes that are necessary for the day-to-day operations of RHA. Along with the six executive staff, each of the University's Residence Halls has one or two residents that serve a yearlong term as an RHA Representative. During the academic year, the RHA Representatives assemble at the weekly meeting to discuss issues and plan events that better the residence hall community. RHA Representatives also meet in weekly committee meetings that focus on a specific aspect of RHA's mission.