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National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH)

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The National Residence Hall Honorary is a premiere student leadership organization focused on promoting recognition and philanthropy within the residence halls. At UC Berkeley, the NRHH Golden Bear Chapter is passionate about being actively engaged within the residential and local communities. We are comprised of exemplary student residential leaders who seek to appreciate the unseen and unspoken dedication in the residence halls. We seek to engage with and give back to the community that we are lucky to call home during our time at Cal. Our organization is unique in that it fosters leadership development for returning residents and creates an opportunity for growth and participation in the residential community.


NRHH is supported by the leading international organization advocating for the interests and welfare of residence hall students, while also providing opportunities for their personal growth and development. NRHH strives to provide recognition for individuals who have contributed to the advancement of college and university housing. The overarching organization is known as National Association of College and University Residence Halls (NACURH). The Golden Bear Chapter belongs to the regional level known as the Pacific Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls (PACURH). As a member of this organization, the Golden Bear Chapter attends conferences during which delegates vote on important legislation and awards given on the national and regional levels. The Golden Bear Chapter is also the sister organization to the Residence Hall Assembly (RHA). On this campus level, we work together to improve the quality of life of residents through events, service and recognition.

Previous Initiatives

  • The Berkeley Project
  • RHA All-Hall-O-Ween
  • Bearfest Initiative
  • Sugar, Advice and Everything Nice with Health Workers, Love Your Melon and Alex’s Lemonade Stand
  • Academic Success Reception with Residential Curriculum and Inclusion
  • RHA Sail Away Launch Party
  • Hall Staff Appreciation Week
  • Free Compliments Campaign with Health Worker Program
  • Clothespin Compliments Campaign with Security Monitor Program
  • Prop Box Campaign with Security Monitor Program
  • Security Monitor Superlatives with Security Monitor Program

Executive Team

Executive Team

President Christina Connolly

President, Chelsea Ji:  Hello! I'm Chelsea. I'm a senior studying Integrative Biology! I'm excited to be serve as President for the lovely Golden Bear Chapter this year. I also serve as an Unit 3 Priestley/Ida Sproul Senior RA​. Baking desserts is a passion of mine (cheesecake, anyone?!), along with exploring new places, napping, water coloring, and singing along (poorly) to Hamilton. My passion and involvement with NRHH began when I served as VP of Recognitions last year. This year, I’m excited to work with our team to bring more engaging programs and a sense of appreciation in our residential community. Hope to catch you at a meeting soon. Go bears!!!

VP of Philanthropy & Programming, Rebecca MartinVP of Philanthropy & Programming, Van Ju & Danny ChuMy name is Vanessa, but you can call me Van as everybody does. I am a third year majoring in English and Rhetoric who loves big books, warm days, long walks, and even longer conversations. When I am not reading or writing thousands of pages for class or working on NRHH things, I am reading and writing other thousands of pages for fun and working on corralling my friends together. My name is Danny, but you can call me Danny as everybody does. I am a third year majoring in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science who loves big bubbles, mildly cold days, long naps, and ever longer food sessions. When I am not debugging or writing thousands of lines (of code) for class or working on NRHH things, I am debugging and writing thousands of code and ignoring Van's "corralling." As your Vice Presidents of Philanthropy and Programming, it is our job to help plan and execute programs that foster a sense of connectivity within both the Residence Halls and the greater Berkeley community. We look forward to meet you all and sincerely hope that every day of yours is fulfilling and productive! 

VP of Finance & Communications, Sandra WalleVP of Finance & Communications, Carly Riddle:  Hello everybody! My name is Carly Riddle, and I am the VP of Finance and Communications for NRHH. I am a third-year intended Political Science major, who hopes to specialize in international relations. I am from Bakersfield, California, a relatively large town in the southern Central Valley. When I have free time, I play Dungeons and Dragons, listen to music, and study every language except the one I am formally learning on Duolingo. This is my second-year in NRHH, and I am excited to serve the residence hall community by making a responsible budget and improving our communication strategies so more people are aware of what we do. I love to talk to and get to know people, so feel free to introduce yourself whenever you are comfortable doing so!

VP of Recognitions, Chelsea JiVP of Recognitions, Jessie Conser:  Hello everyone! My name is Jesse and I am so excited to be the Vice President of Recognitions this year! I am a third year, Engineering Physics student with a minor in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. I am from a small town in northern Colorado, near both Denver and Boulder. This year I will be an RA in Unit 3 Norton, and of course, a member of NRHH. When I am not busy with school or res life, you can find me watching movies, drinking lots of tea, and trying every restaurant in Berkeley. I am beyond excited for an amazing year with NRHH and cannot wait to recognize all the wonderful people who work and live in the residence halls. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or ideas for us to have a great year together. Go Bears!

VP of Selections, Rachel LinVP of Selections, Gaby Allaf:  Hey y’all!My name is Gaby Allaf and I am the Vice President of Selections for this lovely NRHH chapter! I am a Second-year majoring in Political Science, pre-law squad! In my spare time I literally watch government debates so if you ever want to talk politics, I am here for you! I am from one of the many suburbs of Los Angeles called Covina. Props to you if you have heard of it! My favorite things to do when I go back home are go to the beach (cliche So-Cal girl), spend time with my adorable niece, and catch up with my friends from high school! I began my career in ResHall life while at Stern (killer Bay views) last year! I was the Stern Hall Association President and loved my experience. I also joined NRHH at the end of my first semester and am excited to further my involvement and actually help garner more interest in NRHH and encourage people to apply! If you are interested in giving back to your ResHall community and recognizing people, you are a perfect fit for NRHH! GO BEARS! Hope to see you around!

VP of Development, Dylan Hawksworth-LutzowVP of Development, Casey Li & Michelle McLean:  Hello, our names are Casey Li and Michelle McLean. We are both sophomores working as RAs (Casey is in Foothill and Michelle is in Clark Kerr!) Casey is undeclared and Michelle is a political Science Major and Public Policy Minor. We are super excited to be your NRHH Co-VP of Development since we are soulmates. Together, we are looking forward to making NRHH a space of personal and professional development for its members and the campus community at large. Fun Facts about each of us: Casey teaches income tax preparation in her spare time and we absolutely love Cal so if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask!

Advisor Alex BrownAdvisor, Alyssa Toshimitsu:  Hey Ya'll! My name is Alyssa Toshimitsu and I serve as the Resident Director for Foothill Buildings 6-9 (Hillside). I also work very closely with the WISE theme program! California has always been my home, but I just moved back after 7 years on the east coast. I earned my Bachelor of Social Work from Winthrop University (Go Eagles!) and my Master of Education from North Carolina State University (Go Pack!)! In my free time I love exploring the city, eating good food, and finding the best dessert locations! 

Coordinator of Student Leadership Initiatives, Jason AnthonyCoordinator of Student Leadership Initiatives, Jason Anthony:  Hi There! My name is Jason and I'm originally from Long Island, New York. My higher education career has spanned the past 17 years and brought me to several institutions including Columbia, The New School, John Hopkin, Brown and GW. Professionally, I have worked in areas including student activities and leadership development, disability access and support, higher education opportunity, religious life support, and academic services. I received my BA in Religion at GW and my MA in Higher Education at Teachers College-Columbia in NYC. I enjoy working with our great student employee team, our residential faculty and our residents.


More Information:

Help us spread appreciation in the residence halls! Submit an OTM today! (tinyurl.com/berkeleyotms)


The Golden Bear Chapter participates actively on the regional and national level to connect with other NRHH chapters around the nation. At the 2018 PACURH Regional Business Conference hosted at UC Berkeley, The Golden Bear Chapter won Building Block Chapter of the Year. This award is given to the NRHH chapter that has seen the most growth in a school year. You can view our winning award bid here.

We presented a program on how to revitalize an NRHH chapter at the Regional Leadership Conference 2017 hosted at University of Oregon. You can read about our story and strategies for making an active NRHH chapter are outlined here.

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