Jairo Leon

Resident Director, Unit 3 (Ida Sproul & Priestley)

jairoleon@berkeley.edu   (510) 501-0291

My name is Jairo Leon and I'm excited to join the Cal community! I was raised in San Diego, and I'm an alumnus of California's three college systems, having graduated from Palomar College, CSU San Marcos, & UCLA. I believe in the power of higher education and enjoy supporting students in their identity development and academic pursuits. Most recently, I was the Residence Director for the Latino Living Center at Cornell University, but have also worked with UCLA's Alumni Association and the HIV-positive communities in San Diego. Across my professional experiences, I have especially enjoyed brinnnging folks together and building community. Outside of work, I enjoy volunteering with immigrant orgenizations, swimming, and relaxing with a good book. Go Bears!