Erica Plasencia

Resident Director, Unit 3 (Beverly Cleary & Garden Village)

Erica Plasencia Resident Director, Jackson House, Manville, Beverly Cleary | (510)496-1926

Erica is originally from Gridley, California, a small rural town in Northern California. She received her undergraduate degree in Liberal Studies from Chico State University. After completing her degree, she moved to Denver, Colorado to pursue her master’s in Higher Education at the University of Denver. Her passion for education, specifically dismantling systems that prevent access and equitable practices in higher education have been the main drivers in her educational trajectory. Her research focus and interests informed her capstone titled: Culturally Sustaining Curriculum in K-12: Self-Reflection, Cultural Validation, and Empowerment. Erica really looks forward to working within the housing department and collaborating with the UC Berkeley community in order to help students navigate spaces and systems in higher education.