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6 Weeks, 5 Values, 1 Community

Bear 6 is a six-week series of special events focused on a different value each week. Get connected with friends, mentors, and guides as you adjust to living on campus. We want to help you make the most out of the many activities planned for you through Getting Your Bearings, and enrich that experience with additional events only for students living in the res halls.

Weeks 1 & 2 | Community Engagement

Establish healthy, mutually beneficial relationships with others as you build a community and work collaboratively to make improvements and resolve problems that arise as part of daily life.

Week 3 | Identity Exploration

Make meaning and shape your values and beliefs through conversations and activities that affirm the worth of yourself, individuals, groups, and the community. Identify previous assumptions, and compare and contrast them with newly gained experiences and knowledge.


Week 4 | Academic Success

Apply intellectual curiosity to everyday life by drawing connections between classroom learning and out-of-classroom experiences.


Week 5 | Holistic Wellness

Care for the well-being of yourself and others as you build the skills necessary to lead a quality and healthy life. 


Week 6 | Diversity & Global Consciousness

Affirm and value the worth of yourself, individuals, groups, and the community by communicating effectively across social identity and other forms of interpersonal difference. Challenge unfair, unjust, and oppressive practices to improve life for all.