Residential Sustainability Coordinator, 2016-2017

Residential Education is charged with the development and implementation of orientation and transitional programs for students and their families at the University of California, Berkeley Residential Education creates residential communities that facilitate personal development and intellectual growth.

The mission of the University of California Berkeley Residential Sustainability Program is to provide resources and introduce on-campus residents to the importance of cultivating sustainable lifestyles, as well as advocate for sustainable practices within the Residential & Student Service Programs (RSSP) department. The Program Coordinator is responsible for coordinating all educational initiatives for the organization including active and passive programming. A high level of creativity, organization, teamwork, and professionalism is expected at all times.

Meeting Attendance and Participation (25%)

  • Attend meetings with supervisors and fellow coordinators to update on management meetings and unit-wide projects, brainstorm sustainability programming ideas, and to plan events or campaigns.
  • Attend weekly general meetings with supervisors, coordinators, and unit interns to brainstorm sustainability programming ideas, and to plan events or campaigns
  • Attend professional development events and retreats to build a strong sense of community within the group.
  • Attend fall and spring trainings
  • Assist RSP Supervisors with recruitment and selection of Unit Interns
  • Meet with your unit’s previous and future coordinators to ensure a smooth transition of responsibilities.
  • Meet with program Advisor on an as needed basis

Organization, Management and Program Implementation (45-60%)

  • Serve as the chair for the Advocacy Committee and advise Unit Interns in the planning and implementation of educational programs and campaigns
  • Actively promote and Implement initiatives and projects highlighted as outlined in the RSP Community Education Plan
  • Partner with campus partners, as needed, to address campus sustainability issues
  • Consult with RSP Advisor and Supervisors to ensure appropriate evaluation and assessment procedures are being used.
  • Work with RSP Supervisors and Advisor in identifying and completing grant applications for RSP supplies and initiatives

Administration (15-20%)

  • Complete a report for each event or campaign completed during the school year and keep records of results (i.e. photographs, petition signatures, etc.).
  • Manage advocacy budget with RSP Advisor and RSP Supervisors
  • Respond all communication, including phone calls and email, in a timely manner.
  • Participate in all evaluation and assessment processes as instructed by the department.
  • Other duties as assigned



  • Undergraduate or graduate student in good standing with the university and possessing a minimum 2.300 cumulative GPA and good standing with the University at the time of application and throughout the period of employment. Please note that GPA does not round up, any GPA below a 2.300 (2.299 or below) will make you ineligible for the position.
  • Previously lived within a University Housing managed facility.
  • Interest in sustainability issues on a university campus


  • Previous leadership/customer service experience.
  • Previous experience and interest in Sustainability
  • At least one year of attendance at a college or university
  • Excellent communication and organization skills
  • Previous experience in area of interest
  • Live within University Housing managed facility while employed

Terms of Employment

  • Maintain the required 2.300 minimum GPA throughout the term of employment.
  • Continued employment is contingent upon a satisfactory job performance evaluation by the supervisor. Satisfactory job performance evaluation is defined as meeting expectations as defined by the job evaluation in all areas of the job description.
  • Coordinators who display psychological behavior which raises concerns about fitness for the position may be required to complete an assessment of fitness and ability in order to continue in the position.
  • Residential Sustainability Program employees must abide by all residence hall policies. Failure to do so may lead to job action.
  • Participate in Fall & Spring Residential Sustainability Program Training Retreats
  • Participate in Spring RSP Coordinator Transition Meeting
  • Attendance at RSP Meetings every Wednesday from 7:00pm-8:30pm.
  • The Residential Sustainability Program Coordinator will receive $11.50/hour, and are expected to work at least ten hours per week.


  • Maintain positive working relationships with members of RSP and other Residential and Student Services Programs staff.
  • Be responsible with staff privileges (i.e. building access, use of office, phones, keys, office equipment, etc.).
  • Maintain confidentiality and objectivity in all matters related to students and staff.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Residential and Student Services Programs Staff.

Please contact (link sends e-mail) with any questions.