Member Bios

Anna Li, RHA President President:  Hello, my name is Anna Li and I'm a third year majoring in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, minoring in American History. I am from the lovely bubble known as Irvine, California in Orange County. When I'm not selling my soul to math or with my RHA family, you can find me doing backflips and tumbling, being a burrito, or engaging in competitive Pokemon battling. One fun fact about me is that our sister school University of California, Irvine (UCI) has only manufactured 3 official Anteater plush dolls and one of them is named after me. My first year, I was an active resident who attended every event, took a bunch of food, and then left. My second year, I became a Treasurer for Maximino Martinez Commons, and am now a proud member of RHA! This year I am beyond excited to further the purpose of RHA and to ensure that every individual in our community, whether the residents, hall staff, professional staff, or others, feels appreciated and encouraged. I have been blessed with such a dedicated and extraordinary team and we are going to do great things this year! Contact Info -

Paul Simon, VP of Finance and AdministrationVP of Finance & Administration:  Hi! I am Paul Simon, and I will be your VP of Finance and Administration for the upcoming year. I am excited to be working with all of you on improving the quality of life in the residence halls. My goal this year is to promote more student led initiatives by and for our residents in the halls. After all, the best events are the ones you all put on! In my free time, I enjoy hanging out with people, going to the Botanical Garden, and eating all kinds of food.. I look forward to working with our executive team and making more connections this upcoming year! Contact Info -

Jim, VP of MarketingVP of Marketing:  Hello peeps! My name is Jim, and this is my second year at Cal. I am pursuing a Operations Research & Management Science and Business Administration double major along with a minor in Public Policy. As the VP of Marketing, I am responsible for making sure things get to your CLA, RA, and most importantly, you (and your eyes and social media)! I work closely with the RHA Reps, and am in charge of the elections and banquets. I am probably the funniest person you’ll ever meet, so don’t be afraid to send me some dank memes from time to time. I love swimming and hiking. I also play volleyball because of a certain anime. “Studying” is the name of my alter ego. I’m a firm believer that Jay Veale is a closeted savage so please join me in my dedication of trolling him. Whenever I feel like procrastinating, I play piano and League of Legends and read Haruki Murakami. I am also a math nerd (SURPRISE) so please lay tangent to my curves because you’re my derivative. Outside of RHA, I am involved with the ASUC, photographer (hmu for a photoshoot), and DiversaTech, a tech consulting group. Contact Info -

John, VP of Social AffairsVP of Social Affairs:  Hi all! My name is John, but you can call me Jay (all my friends do). I'm a second-year Political Economy and Film major from sunny SoCal (Huntington Beach born and and raised), though I've come to love Berkeley as my home-away-from-home! If I'm not studying or doing RHA things you can probably find me watching movies, hiking, or playing my saxophone. I'm a firm believer in the relationship between art and life so I'll most likely try and make an analogy at some point between whatever I'm doing and an old film/novel. Everyone starts from somewhere, and sort of like how Forrest Gump started out in the heart of Alabama, I started my RHA career in the heart of Unit 1 as the Putnam Hall representative. I loved that job because it meant that I got to engage the residents in my building and communicate their feelings and beliefs to the RHA; and conversely, I could see the impact of RHA's activities on my residents. That sort of direct engagement with people- seeing how our planning and legwork translates to a happier and stronger community- is exactly why I'm so excited to see what great events the reps and I can create this year! Contact Info -

Elyse O'Neill, VP of Advocacy and OutreachVP of Advocacy & Outreach:  My name is Elyse O'Neill and I am this year's Vice President of Advocacy and Outreach. This means that it is my job to advocate for the needs of people living in the residence halls and to reach out to other communities on campus to accomplish our goals. On a more personal note, I am a second year majoring Peace and Conflict Studies with a minor in Public Policy. I love watching Netflix, eating pasta, and listening to Hamilton with the rest of the exec board. If you have any concerns, please feel free to reach out to me--it is my job to be your voice.  Contact Info -,

Chelsea, VP of CommunicationsVP of Communications & National Communications Coordinator:  Hey there! My name is Chelsea and I'm a second-year studying Integrative Biology with an emphasis on Human Biology. When I'm not in class or at an RHA meeting, you can find me napping, baking sweets, or checking my e-mail. I've always been an active member of Cal's residential community. My first role was the RHA Representative for Unit 3 Norton Hall. Later, I served as a summer resident assistant at the campus apartments. My favorite part about being in RHA has always been the people: residents, representatives,  administrators... all are integral in creating this dynamic force within our community. I cannot wait to meet new people and to see what this year will bring and all the great work we'll achieve together. As always, go bears!  Contact Info -

Advisor Jason AnthonyAdvisor: Hi There! My name is Jason and I'm originally from Long Island, New York. My higher education career has spanned the past 15 years and brought me to several institutions including Columbia, The New School, John Hopkins, Brown and GW. Professionally, I have worked in areas including student activities and leadership development, disability access and support, higher education opportunity, religious life support, and academic services. I received my BA in Religion at GW and my MA in Higher Education at Teachers College-Columbia in NYC. I enjoy working with our great student employee team, our residential faculty and our residents. Contact Info -

Advisor Tanya KoroyanAdvisor: Hello! My name is Tanya Koroyan and I am a Co-Advisor to RHA, as well as the Resident Director (RD) of Ida Sproul and Priestley Hall. As an RHA Advisor I will be working with the executive team to ensure our on campus students have an excellent experience here at Cal. Prior to coming to UC Berkeley I attended San Jose State University where I earned my Bachelors in Sociology, and then the University of San Francisco where I received my Masters of Arts in Higher Education and Student Affairs. My passion is working with students, supporting them through their academics and beyond, and providing opportunities for scholars to move towards their goals. Aside from my work I love to dance, paint, eat, take naps, and watch TV. If you ever want to chat please feel free to stop by my office, located in the Central Building of Unit 3, on the lower level. Looking forward to a great year ahead, go bears!  Contact Info -


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Assembly Documents

RHA Constitution (Google doc)  Our Constitution, which will provide a detailed breakdown of the structure of our organization.

RHA By-Laws (Google doc)  Our By-Laws will provide a detailed description of our logistics.

Meeting Minutes (Google doc) 

RHA Bills (Google doc)  RHA passes a variety of bills throughout the year that support official legislation or orders, programs or their mission statements, and other changes that affect the residence halls. Bills are reviewed by the Internal Affairs Committee before reaching the Assembly for a vote. The bill must be approved by 2/3 of the assembly in order to be enacted and amendments may be made to any bill by the assembly. If the bill affects Hall Association bylaws or constitutions, then it must be posted in all residence halls for residents to view after which time it is voted on by individual Hall Associations and the RHA Representatives bring that vote back to the Assembly meeting for the final decision. If you have any question or concerns about how to write a bill, or if you need an example, please email the VP of Communications/NCC at

Examples of bills that have been passed are as follows:

  • Bill to support a hate-free and inclusive environment in the residence halls and on campus for all residents, students and faculty (2010) Written by Emily Ly, Kristina Kim and Nicole Durbin-Henderson
  • Bill to support paper towel composting pilot program (2010) Written by Tia Chea - Presidents’ Roundtable Schedule of Meetings (2008) Written by David Chen
  • Bill to Amend a Change in the Format of Committee reports (2008) Written by Ayelet Awad - Endorsement of University of California Residence Halls (2008) Written by David Chen
  • Bill to Support the Incorporation of University Apartments into Residence Hall Government (2007) Written by Courtney Lane
  • Bill to Amend Election Procedure (2007) Written by Edward Chow
  • Bill to Endorse “Blackout Battles” Energy Competition (2007) Written by Kameron Kitajima
  • Bill to Move Contingency Funds to NACURH Funds (2007) Written by Christina Markle - Bill to Support the University of California, Berkeley Social Justice Leadership Conference (2007) Written by Tiffany Chan
  • Bill for the Movement of Excess Funds from Casino/Dance Night to RHA Boat Dance (2006) Written by Maxwell Jen
  • Executive Order to Suspend Residence Hall Constitution Title IV, Article II, Section 1, Letter E (2006) Ordered by Oriana Madrigal
  • Executive Order Authorizing Executive Staff August Stipend Payment (2005) Ordered by Dan Woodard